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Winter, summer and things to know about the laser process during both.

Updated: Mar 27, 2019

Did you see all the people in shorts yesterday? Going from 10 degrees one week to 74 degrees the next is....typical DC weather. 

It makes me think about how much easier the roller-coaster changes will be for me this spring since, because of laser hair removal, I no longer have Sasquatch legs which require me to shave before spontaneously throwing on a sundress when the weather gets nice for a day or two.

Did you know wintertime is actually the most ideal time to begin your lasering? For real! The reasons are these key points: 

1. To receive the most effective treatment possible, your skin needs to be at it’s base skin color, regardless of your ethnicity, and that is most likely to happen, for any skin type, during the winter.  This means your skin shade is no darker than your most natural shade. You may be wondering why is this necessary since the laser can safely treat all types and skin colors. Great question! The answer is that when we darken our skin -in any way- (meaning from sun exposure, tanning beds, self-tanner, spray-tans, etc.) we stimulate a response that creates an unsafe situation for lasering. specifically we stimulate our melanocyte cells which produce and distribute melanin and we cause them to become hyperactive and subsequently hypersensitive. This hyperactivity that is present when you are sporting a “tan” (or darker skin if you don’t call it a tan) causes a sensitivity that changes how your skin responds to the laser and can therefore cause hyper or hypo pigmentation. This is why it is crucial to keep the areas you are having lasered out of the sun as much as possible and to always use SPF 50 or more when you must be in the sun.

Also the sun damages our skin (just look at my damaged skin in the previous blog post). Because it is easy to avoid darkening your skin in the winter it is the ideal time to start. also so you can enjoy your results this summer. 

2. People’s body temperatures are generally cooler during the winter and hot during the summer. The body does a good job of regulating it’s temperature at all times, but it does this regulating based on, among other things, the outside temperature. It is ideal for your body to be as cool as possible during laser treatments and not already having to work to be cool just because of the temperature outdoors. This can be especially helpful in the first several treatments in a series when the hair population of an area is the most dense. 

3. Also, starting in the winter means you will be mostly (if not completely) hair-free by summer. We permanently destroy a small percentage of your hair with every treatment. (About 12 -15%) Then shortly following each treatment, you’ll experience six to ten weeks of hair-free skin before the remaining hair starts growing again. You have less and less hair come back after every treat. 

Much to my dismay, because I love winter, summer will be here before we know it. Starting your laser hair removal process now means you will be sundress ready soon, so stop waiting and come in today! 



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