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Why are people afraid of laser hair removal?

Debunking common Laser Hair Removal myths

Laser Hair Removal has been a permanent hair removal option for over 20 years, yet many people still have misconceptions about the process and what to expect. Once people come to learn the facts from us and they finally start the process, the two most frequent comments we hear are, “Wow, this is life changing!”, and “I wish I had done this years ago!”

Honestly, it really is life changing! Most people delay because of fear, based on myths not facts about Laser Hair Removal. Let us dispel some common myths for you.

Myth: I am going to get cut open with a laser?

Often people hear “Laser Hair Removal” and envision a long, skinny laser beam searing through their skin or somehow doing something very scary, painful, and invasive. In reality it looks more like someone is shining a 1-inch wide colored flashlight beam onto your skin, and turning it on and off repeatedly. The skin is never opened at all.

Myth: It must be incredibly painful because it’s a laser, right?

Um, usually NO. While we do occasionally run into someone who finds themselves feeling sensitive during treatment, our most common feedback is, “Wow, that was so much better than waxing”, or “well that was much easier than I expected.”

If you are concerned about pain, when you come for your consultation, we can pulse the laser on the skin inside of your forearm where you can easily watch and see how it feels. It won’t give you an exact idea of how it would feel in an area with a denser hair population, but it will take away all the concern about the unknown. During treatments most people are comfortable enough to easily make conversation with our amazing technicians while they are being lasered.

If you are one of the few who finds laser treatments to be uncomfortably uncomfortable, may we ease your fears with the following facts:

1. The discomfort only lasts while the laser is operating. As soon as we stop people feel fine.

2. Each treatment is very quick; many areas take as few as five minutes to treat!

3. Our clients universally agree that the 5 to 8 treatments are worth any temporary discomfort because it yields permanent results!

Myth: It only works on pale skin, right?

Wrong. We can treat any skin type and destroy the hair as long as the hair is darker than the skin. It is critical however that the skin is in its natural state for treatment without any additional darkness (aka “tan”) caused by the sun or by other sources. If you have any type of tan on your skin, the laser can create skin discoloration which can be permanent.

Does this mean the laser can’t destroy hair that is blond, white or grey? Sadly, yes. The laser can only kill hair containing pigment that is darker than the skin.

Myth: I heard it’s not really permanent, right?

Wrong. When we destroy a follicle at its root, it is permanently destroyed. Once we have destroyed all of someone’s existing hair in an area, they can generally go a lifetime without seeing hair in that area. It is true however, that destroying existing hair is not preventive, and the body can generate new hair in any area at any time. While laser treatments cannot stop the body from creating new hair, Izalia Spa offers a unique Forever Guarantee. What that means is; if you see dark hair return in an area where you have received 8 qualified Izalia treatments, we will provide complimentary treatments as needed for the rest of your life.

Now that you know the facts, there is no reason to wait. Call us today!

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