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  • Annette Clark

One thing I NEVER do...

Like perhaps some of you, I just spent Thanksgiving at home, cleaning out my closets and dreaming about when I can travel again and the places I’d like to go when I do.

During the purging, I came across a couple things that made me feel smug and wise (I was neurotically traveling with single use medical-grade germicide wipes even before it was cool!) and some things that left me perplexed - particularly the discovery of razors among my personal possessions.

I found 4 different razors in my travel stuff.

What?! Why?? I never, ever shave anything!

Are they unmarked souvenirs from hotels?

Are they leftover from my teenage years before I had Laser Hair Removal and I was just irrationally afraid to purge them?

I literally never shave and I NEVER pack a razor when I travel! Finding razors among my back stash of personal belongings was so weird and perplexing.

And creepy. Razors feel so antiquated to me.

Also, I don’t just travel to the jungles and mountains, I also travel for weddings and special events where my skin needs to be presentable! But no matter where I’m going or why, the fact remains that I literally NEVER shave my legs, bikini, and underarms, and my skin is always silky smooth!! (I also no longer shave my full arms & hands, back, and stomach, but it’s less common to celebrate not shaving those things ...but back in the day my showers were an hour-long…)

It really is incredible when I think about it, even after all these years.

If there areas on your body where you are still removing unwanted hair, or worse, just living with it and trying to ignore it, NOW could be your time to start your laser journey because...

With all packages being 40% off through Cyber Monday, shopping online at the DMV’s Very Best Laser Spa will ensure you get the best of the best and finally get to say goodbye to razors forever.. or until you clean out the travel closet.

Check us out. We’re top-rated, award-winning, we guarantee our work, and we are obsessed with results. And we have the most adorable boutique spa you ever did see.

I’ll see you at Izalia!


Annette Antonelli Clark

Owner, Izalia Laser Spa

Old Town Alexandria

EST. 2006

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